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My Journey

We all have to find a newly adjusted balance between people & digital in these volatile times of innovative disruption. I call this mindset "Techno-Innovation". In fact, I'm in the midst of writing a book called "Unleash the Techno-Innovator in You" that will be hitting shelves at a bookstore near you or online by 2021.

➡️ My journey began in the creative & advertising industry as an entrepreneur when I was just 18 years old. My team and I became the No.1 agency in the country in just under a year. We had a monthly turnover of over USD 1,000,000 with over 30 clients.

➡️ After building a reputation with clients & partners within 5 years, I felt it was time to expand the reach of my business & expertise to a more modern and profitable market, which is when I moved to Dubai, UAE. There I continued to service my agency client-portfolio (existing & new) while also creating an international trading organization.

➡️ I spent over a decade in Dubai securing over a
hundred clients globally both on the creative as well as trading side of my businesses. It was in October 2009 when I noticed that the markets of Southeast Asia are the future in terms of liquidity, innovation, and socio-economics. That led me to Malaysia, where I created my 3rd profitable venture within the advertising & events space.

➡️ Using Malaysia as a base of operations, my team and I conquered
several Asian cities with our electrifying & out-of-the-box advertising and events, delivered on-time, under-budget, at top-notch quality.

➡️ In 2016 I was given the opportunity of a life-time when I was approached by a group of influential tycoons based out of
California, USA who sought me out after hearing about my entrepreneurial & operational expertise. So I packed up my life in Malaysia and moved to the United States where I am till today as CEO, Advisor, and Coach to several businesses in North America, Middle-East, and Asia.

➡️ Which is why
I'm here to coach, consult, & partner with CEOs on how to create "techno-innovative" businesses of the future where their people are set up for success while their company makes ridiculous amounts of money.


In these challenging times, you have got to push the limits & innovate like never before so that your business and bottomline stays alive! For that to happen you've got to unlearn a lot of the things that you think are required while embracing an entirely new mindset of success.


So I'm going to make you a promise. Sign up for just one of my sessions today & I guarantee you that you will never see yourself & your business the same way again. 

Let's take you to next level, together!

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