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After investing in the last twenty-four years of my life nurturing businesses, people, &emerging technologies, I've had the pleasure of coaching over 18000professionals & building 12 companies globally. I help to grow your brand, bottom line, and mindset so that you can take your business to the next level.

"Yes you need a team to succeed, but you also need a real leader who can lead that team.

I will coach you into the leader that others want, not just the one they need"

Babak Kazemi


Techno-Innovation Visionary

You often hear how people describe the United States of America as the "Land of Opportunity." That's certainly true, but only for a particular subset of the population based on ethnicity, status, and income. Please don't mistake me for one of those "celebrity" coaches to the stars who only takes on clients for their money or position. 


Yes, I have contributed to the success of many personalities who some would consider famous today, but I have also coached hundreds who began their journey where I did, with nothing - no status, no fame, & no wealth. Today, those people have found something bigger than fame. They found purpose. 


Who I am is simply a man who wants to see others succeed in whatever they're most passionate about in life, and so I equip them with the practical & innovative mindset in order to achieve that success.

Executive Highlights

The key today is finding a newly adjusted balance between people & digital in these new times of innovative disruption. I call this mindset "Techno-Innovation".

  • I started off in the creative & advertising industry as an entrepreneur when I was just 18years old. My team and I became the No.1 agency in the country in just under a year. We had a monthly turnover of over USD 1,000,000 with over 30 clients.

  • After building a reputation with clients & partners over 5+ years, I felt it was time to expandthe reach of my business & expertise to a more modern and profitable market, which is when Imoved to Dubai, UAE. There I continued to service my agency client-portfolio (existing & new)while also creating an international trading organisation.

  • I spent over a decade in Dubai securing over a hundred clients globally both on the creativeas well as trading side of my businesses. It was in October 2009 when I noticed that the markets of Southeast Asia are the future in terms of liquidity, innovation, and socio-economics. That led me to Malaysia, where I created my 3rd profitable venture within the advertising &events space.

  • Using Malaysia as a base of operations, my team and I conquered several Asian cities with ourelectrifying & out-of-the-box advertising and events, delivered on-time, under-budget, at top-notchquality.

  • In 2016 I was given the opportunity of a life-time when I was approached by a group ofinfluential tycoons based out of California who sought me out after hearing about myentrepreneurial & operational expertise. So I packed up my life in Malaysia and moved to theUnited States where I am till today as CEO, Advisor, and Coach to several businesses in NorthAmerica, Middle-East, and Asia.

  • I'm here to coach, consult, and partner with CEOs on how to create "techno-innovative" businesses of the future where their people are set up for success while the company makes ridiculous amounts of money 😉



  • REMOTIQ   

Founder & CEO

March 2019 - Present 


  • EVENZA Entertainment Inc. 

Founder and CEO

June 2017 - Present 

Los Angeles, California, United States

  • Pro Action Advertising & Media

Founder & CEO

December 2009 - Present 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We incorporated on October 4, 2010,  in Malaysia, with the objective of using Southeast Asia as a base to expand further the business of creating and conducting advertising campaigns such as TVcommercials via all published, social, and electronic media and IPTV platforms as well as organizing major International-class entertainment events such as concerts & dance performances in Malaysia as well as in major cities around the globe.

  • Trade Horizon General Trading

Founder & CEO

March 2002 - December 2009 

Dubai, UAE

Trade Horizon General Trading LLC is a Private Limited Company that I founded in 2004 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We positioned ourselves as the leading media-buyer of Persian satellite TVchannels, as well as media organiser, and a MBC Persia channel startup advisor.


Emerging Tech (Blockchain, D-App, Layer 2 & 3 Deployments)

  •   Go-to-Market Strategy

  •   Project Management

  •   Experiential Events & Training



  •   Harvard University

(2019 - 2020)

Business & Management Online Course Certification (OCC),

Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

  •   Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation


(2011 - 2015)

Master of Business Administration - MBA, international marketing

  •   Lucy Cavendish College

(1997 - 2001)

Bachelor of Arts - BA, Advertising

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