"Yes you need a team to succeed, but you also need a real leader who can lead that team. I will coach you into the leader that others want, not just the one they need"

Babak Kazemi

You often hear how people describe the United States of America as the "Land of Opportunity". That's certainly true but only for a particular subset of the population based on ethnicity, status, and income. Please don't mistake me for one of those "celebrity" coaches to the stars who only takes on clients for their money or position. 


Yes, I have contributed to the success of many personalities who some would consider famous today, but I have also coached hundreds who began their journey where I did, with nothing - no status, no fame, & no wealth. Today those people have found something bigger than fame. They found purpose. 


Who I am is simply a man who wants to see others succeed in whatever they're most passionate about in life, and so I equip them with the practical & innovative mindset in order to achieve that success.